- City of Hull -                               
Situated amidst fertile farmland, Hull is a picture of small-town life. Visitors soon learn that the people of
Hull are energetic, caring and concerned about their community and that they often volunteer their time
and resources for the good of the community.
Within the city are active churches, excellent public and private schools, vibrant businesses operated by
friendly and caring business people, and great recreational facilities including a golf course, parks,
About Hull
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No part of this website may be
copied or used without the written
permission of the City of Hull.
Current News                                                                             1133 Maple Street
AUGUST-- Council meets on the 10th and the 24th at 5pm in the Hull City Office.   Blood Bank will be
in the Library on August 18th from 1-6pm.  Hull Chamber will meet August 10 at noon at Western
Christian High School.  The last regular day of the season for the pool will be August 22nd.  We will be
open on the 29th and Sept 5th from 1-6pm
Junior firefighter
Chamber cards
are available for
$10 at the
Chamber Office.
Did you know
that you can sign
up for automatic
payment of your
utility bill?
Just click on the
forms link --
complete and drop
off at the city
income.   Pre-
Application form
for the new
housing area
Summer of 2015
New garbage
routes effective
Sioux County will be testing the sirens in Hull on the first Friday of each
month from April -September.  This will be done between 9:30-10:00 am.
Community Bldg
8-22-15  The
circus (consisting
of magical acts
and acrobats)
will be at the
Building on Sat,
the 22nd.   Show
times are 4:30
pm and 7:00 pm.